Unexpected Hope

Unexpected Hope

 slide-0031I knew we had a reason to celebrate when we had our Grand Opening for the Community of Hope. I didn’t know the positive impact it would have for one family in our program.

slide-0005Mom and kids were very excited to greet our guests, helping to prepare the space and dressing their best. They eagerly welcomed guests and were happy to share their gratitude for the opportunity to have a safe place to stay. The volunteers, donors, board members, partner agencies, press, and government officials were charmed by them.

slide-0008Then the unexpected happened. Casey Parks, the reporter from the Oregonian, shared her story of growing up in the military and sleeping on cots many places, just like them. She told 6 year old Tamier that it had helped her adapt in many places she had to be as a reporter. He could do the same. Mom noted that he was a good writer already, and maybe that would be something he could do.

slide-0012Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith chatted with Mom and her two year old. Mom was delighted that she could see a woman of color in a successful and important position. It was a great example for her children and what they could become.

slide-0025Then City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, not knowing what had already happened, was impressed when that  7 year old Tariq engaged her in conversation and shared his view of living at the Community of Hope. She told him he could be anything he wanted to be, including a commissioner, and invited him to come and see her in her office and sit in her chair.

slide-0017We thought we were just celebrating our opening. When people who are collaborating to make a program successful gather, bigger things happen. This is more than giving families a place to stay. This family has hope for success and encouragement to strive after it. Homelessness is not the end. It’s only part of the journey.slide-0007