Transforming Joy: Light in the Darkness

Transforming Joy: Light in the Darkness
Transforming lives of Joy and her children
Joy and her children are grateful for Community of Hope

The biggest perk in my job is that I get to see lives change. Before families arrive at Community of Hope, they are highly stressed. Some are sleeping in cars or at a shelter packed in like sardines or in unsafe homes with abusers or well-meaning friends who are strained with the family living in their living room. When they move in, the children are so glad to have their own room and a real bed. That certainly happened with Joy’s family. The adults form friendships and begin to heal from past trauma. They face past demons and make and meet goals as the future becomes hopeful.

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We are not the only ones who see this change. Andrea Sobel Nahurski, School Counselor, James John Elementary School where many of our students go, says, “I see many children who do not have their basic needs met… They may not know where their next meal is coming from, who will be picking them up from school each day, or where they will sleep that night. It’s stressful and difficult for them to manage these realities, and often their behavior escalates and becomes a barrier to accessing opportunities available to them… That is where the Community of Hope has stepped in time and time again as a beacon of light to our families who need … to find that stability they are missing. They have opened their doors, and in doing so their hearts… I have seen students embrace the safety net and security of this organization as the foundation to filling a hole in their lives that was vacant before. And I have personally seen the light return to students who didn’t feel that existed before, and the hope return to their family members that greater possibilities and opportunities lie ahead of them. This is a priceless gift.”

The families who come here need a home, but they need much more than that. They need light and hope that transforms their lives. You can help them find it.

Joy’s life is not the only one that needed a change. Recently I have been talking to the parents who moved in a little over a month ago. One said he finally could accomplish his goals and had hope of finding a job and a place. Another talked about how she had not lived in such a safe place ever. She is learning what “normal” can be. Another said her kids are eager to come “home.” This is a first for them since she has been homeless since they were born. They are now 4 and 5 years old. She should have her own place in a couple of months. Past residents have told me that because of Community of Hope they learned to make and meet goals, to resolve conflicts instead of fighting or running away, and had the encouragement to keep trying instead of quitting when things were hard. Today laughter fills the house. Children play without worries. Healing begins.

It takes more than the agencies who work with the families who live here. It takes more than the staff and volunteers who share their love. It takes you to keep our doors open so that more families each year can find hope, healing, and stability through Community of Hope. Join us today. Donate now and be a transforming light.