Linda Jo

Linda Jo Devlaeminck has a passion for serving North Portland neighbors in a collaborative way. She has a BA Social Work and a Masters in teaching. She belongs to an ecumenical Christian Community called the People of Praise. She and her husband, Jerome, have raised four daughters and enjoy three grandchildren. They enjoy hiking and providing hospitality. She believes it is a gift to be able to work with the Church of North Portland to build the Community of Hope.


Darciea Corson has faithfully served us almost since we opened, providing stability, encouragement, and affection for the residents. She brings management and care-taking experience and life experience that resonates with the women.


Charlotte Mitchell-Reese has great experience working with domestic violence survivors. She comes with great compassion for others based on personal experience. With her BSW, experience teaching RentWell classes, and her passion for service, she is a great asset to our team. 


Alexis, one of our on-call staff, came to Portland in 2010 to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. She wanted to use her degree to improve quality of life for others, so she went on to receive her master’s of biomedical engineering in 2017. Alexis also loves working with kids. During her time in school, she worked as a nanny, a tutor, and eventually came to work at community of hope. She saw the importance of the work being done here, helping the residents move toward independence and well-being.


Sarah Campsey was a member of the North Portland community for 12 years.  She has three children ages 15, 12 and 7 who have been involved in community life in the neighborhood and has the ability to support families with neighborhood resources and community life.  Sarah comes to us with a BA in social sciences and a Masters degree in Social Work. Sarah has been working with families for 20 years in varying capacities as a teacher, coach, school counselor, parent educator and public health advocate.  Sarah’s personal connection with the homeless epidemic in Portland has brought her to us with the hopes of bringing families hope, knowledge, empathy and empowerment.


My life has been similar to the lives of the people I now serve. I use to believe I wasn’t worthy of love or anything for that matter but with time and the unconditional love from my higher power and my family and people who are committed to serving people in need, I found my way and I found my purpose in life. I don’t believe anymore that I’m not good enough…. I am much more!!My trials and hard times was not for nothing it was to make me the person I am today! The person god intended me to be. I’m committed to serving my community and giving back what was so freely given to me.


Heidi lived in San Jose, CA most of her life. The last two and one half years she has been here in Oregon hoping to create a life for myself. Prior to this, she was the Program Coordinator for the Safe Parking Homeless Shelters run by Catholic Charities in Santa Rosa, CA. She is a former K-8th grade teacher, (her MA is in curriculum & instruction). She enjoys public speaking, job coaching folks of all ages, photography, arts n crafts, horseback riding, walking and cooking/baking .