Renovations Progress

Renovations Progress
This pile of stuff is waiting for us to begin renovating. It's gone now!
This pile of stuff was waiting for us to begin renovating. It’s gone now!

Renovations are drawing to a close! From the time that Red Sea offered to lease Hope House to us, we have been planning to remodel the space to increase our capacity and to make it more livable for the residents. It has been a long slow process! Here are some of the highlights. Click on links to see previous blogs with more pictures and stories. Check out our Facebook pictures too!

Marc of Sprinkler Design Svcs LLC designed our sprinkler system for free. Dave Miller of  MCG Cx Services designed our fire alarm system for free.


Great workers volunteered to paint Hope House
Paint a Better Tomorrow workers volunteered to paint Hope House

Paul, an architect and member of Red Sea who works for LRS designed out space and worked with his firm to keep working on them through all the changes we made! Paint a Better Tomorrow helped us paint the whole interior of the building with lots of volunteer help.

The Collins Foundation gave us $25,000 to help with our renovation. Holy Cross Catholic Church raised over $10,000 for our kitchen. Several businesses donated materials, services and appliances.



Home Builders Foundation LogoHBFlogoSqRGB

Brenda helped get us donations of floor board and kitchen cabinets
Brenda from the Home Builders Foundation helped get us donations of floor board and kitchen cabinets

The Home Builders Foundation came on board and agreed to manage our project for us. They also donated $25,000 and have solicited other projects and services for discounts or free. Ken Cowdry has also used his connections to help us navigate issues with the City of Portland.

We applied for, worked hard to meet the requirement for, and were approved for a Conditional Use Permit so we could expand the number of unrelated people living in the same home from 15 to 34. This meant meeting the requirements for Land Use, Transportation (including a parking review), Environmental Services, the Water Bureau, Fire and Safety, and Urban Forestry. We had a public hearing where are neighbors were able to share their concerns, which we worked to address through a good neighbor agreement. We were able to have part of the fees waived by BDS and Fire and Safety in this process. Thank you!

Stagecraft donated fabric for curtains for the bedrooms. Indoor Billboard donated a mat for our front door.


Bed installed
Bed installed

The Rotary Club of Greater Vancouver joined the Albina Rotary and the Portland’s Rotary Charitable Trust donated money for beds and helped build them.

Girl Scouts assemble bookshelves

Girl Scouts build bookshelves for us.

Then we had to apply for building permits, make several changes to them to meet the approval of each department, and were approved. During this process we appealed and won several issues with the city, who worked very hard to support out vital mission. We did not have to widen two sidewalks, install a fire hydrant, install commercial exhaust systems for our stoves, or have a drain from our trash enclosure that went into the sewer. We also got system development fees waived through the intercession of Councilman Dan Saltzman.

The team
The CBRC Cares team

CBRE Cares logo


In the mean time, CBRE Cares donated and installed a new playground for us outside. Now the kids can play in their own yard!



Finally we could begin the work. Volunteers took out old cabinets and pantry walls in the kitchen.

Volunteers came and painted the walls, and took up the carpet in the rooms we would build new walls.Strong, brave men got the 70 pound carpet donated by Gustav’s into the building.

Newly cleaned hallway. No more asbestos!
Newly cleaned hallway. No more asbestos!
Finally, we were ready for the contractors to come. The asbestos tiles were removed where we would need to cut into the cement floors to add plumbing.



The plumbers came and marked where the cement floor needed to be cut so the plumbers could add new pipes for the bathroom, showers, and laundry. Then others came to cut on the lines. Then they came and jack-hammered the holes. Now the holes are filled and the new floor is down! Yeah!


The new walls to separate larger rooms into smaller bedrooms were framed. The electricians updated our wiring, fixed lights, and added new circuits.

Adam, our electrician, had to make lots of holes in the kitchen walls.

Here’s the progress on our shower room and new bathroom.

A small group from Red Sea church brought our back steps up to code and set the posts for our trash enclosure.


The next step for the plumbers was to dig the holes under the building deeper to fit the pipe in. The dirt covers the floor on both sides of the holes. What fun walking along the hall! It’s not as hard in the new bathroom, laundry room, and shower room.


Lutheran high school youth group
Lutheran high school youth group



A group of Lutheran high school youth group from North Dakota came and helped clean up after the construction workers. What a help! See more pictures on the here.


The floors got filled in, wallboard added to the walls (I can’t walk through them anymore!) and the water line was installed by the City of Portland.

The showers arrived!  Getting them in the door meant taking out the post between the two front doors, and then they found they had to move some walls since they were bigger than they thought! What an adventure!

Viking Sprinklers came and installed the sprinkler system providing materials and labor for free!

The kitchen cupboards are going in. Dan and his friends are putting them up. Galaxy Stone works measured for the counter tops.

Here's the new wall that covers all those pipes in the laundry room.
Here’s the new wall that covers all those pipes in the laundry room.

They covered the plumbing wall in the laundry room and are getting all the walls ready to paint.







As we are in the last month before we open, several teams came for a work party to help clean and paint. We had representatives from Red Sea, Holy Cross, Madeleine, People of Praise, St. Johns Covenant/University Park Methodist, and Community Open Bible Churches.

Finally, the walls were finished and we were ready for the flooring.

Dick noticed the sidewalk was dirty and offered to power wash it.

Final work is being completed:


In the final week, we worked hard to finish the job.

In the final week, we began to put things back together.

Stay tuned for more updates as we go…