Preparing our Space

Preparing our Space

During the past weeks we have been transforming rooms into a welcoming space for our residents. Many volunteers have spent hours working. Generous donors have provided us with most of what we need. Community minded businesses have given us discounts or donations to help prepare.

There are three spaces we have worked on.

2014-01-05 23.04.06

Our office has new paint and curtains and looks great.

2014-01-16 01.11.06


The artwork is on the wall.

2014-01-22 01.25.58





This will be our dining area and space to work on homework.

2014-01-05 03.03.44



Our store room is full of bedding, towels and toiletries that have been donated.


Volunteers have set up the wardrobes.2014-01-16 00.01.51

2014-01-16 00.01.37



2014-01-17 21.59.28




2014-01-17 22.03.24

built stairs for emergency exits,

2014-01-17 22.03.06



and added exit signs to meet fire codes.

2014-01-21 10.29.44


The rooms are set up and ready for our residents!

2014-01-17 22.02.49


2014-01-17 21.59.16



Holy Cross Students made beautiful welcome signs. Thanks to Maytag, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and all the generous donors and volunteers! We are ready to welcome our residents!