New Playground

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The team

The CBRC Cares team

CBRE Cares donated a new playground, bark chips and fencing materials and then came and put them together. They came on Earth Day to help our kids have a fun, safe place to play outside. In spite of rain, they worked hard to assemble the playground equipment and build the fence. They split into two teams who expertly went to work. The race was on for who would complete the work first, but the fencers won! They were glad to be able to sweat and work hard for a good cause (and be out of the office!)




PLM LogoLowes logoLowes gave us the playground at a discount helping us to get a bigger set of equipment than we could have afforded otherwise. Pacific Landscaping Management leveled the area and delivered the bark chips. They even send a guy to help build!


Scott and his fence

Scott and his fence

Scott McCord came for several days ahead of time and designed the fence, dug the post holes, and set them up. Phil joined at the end to help pour the cement. Thanks Scott and Phil!



In honor of Scott, the volunteer and Scott, the leader of the CBRE team, we are naming it Scott’s Fence.




Swinging on the new swings

Swinging on the new swings

The moms were all away that day, so they crew didn’t get to see them playing. But when they got home they eagerly checked out the new playground.

When asked how they liked it, one said, “I love it.” When asked for more specific comments, another replied, I love it love it love it. ” I guess that says it all. They neighbors enjoy it too!




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