At Hope House, we are only able to serve one single dad at a time and we are not able to accept any couples. We want to change that, and we can do it if we work together. Our long-term vision has always been to expand and grow to replicate our model to empower families to cultivate hope, healing, and stability. Now, we are in a place to begin thinking realistically about what it will take to do just that- we want to open a second location! We intended to maintain Hope House for single moms and someday open a separate building, still in North Portland, where couples and single dads can live.

Every time we have taken a step in faith, it has been individuals, like you, coming alongside us with an abundance of generosity of their time, talent, and finances to bring our dreams to life. This dream will not come to fruition overnight, but we are acting now to become even more dynamic and impactful in the future.

We dream this dream, not for our sake as an organization, but for all those impacted by homelessness in Portland who are hoping and dreaming to find stability for their family.

"Every time I have to turn down a family because there is not enough room or because they want to stay together as a couple, my heart aches to do more."
Linda Jo
Program Director

Taking this next step means not only maintaining our current financial commitments, but doubling our staff, not to mention raising significant additional funding for the future building. A daunting task, to be sure, though we are surrounded by intrepid families, like Rich and Keira, who daily refuse to be overwhelmed by the burden and despair of their circumstances.
And then there is YOU.

Beyond monetary contributions, we are working now to develop a team to work strategically toward a larger vision of what may be next for Community of Hope.

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