Amy's Story

Amy stopped by the office to tell us her grandmother had died. We did what we could to comfort her. This crisis deeply impacted her. Starting at 7 years old Amy bounced around between family members. Having grown up neglected by her parents, it was difficult to trust anyone. Her grandmother remained her one stable relationship. Then her grandmother married a man who verbally abused and sexually harassed Amy. She ended up leaving her abuser and became homeless.

Amy’s longing to be loved led to abusive relationships and drug use. The necessity of earning money pushed her into prostitution. She learned to look at men as a means to earn easy and quick money. Her convictions that she had to take care of herself and she could not trust others, especially men, grew stronger.

Amy has two children, yet she could not care for them due to, abusive relationships, drug abuse and her chaotic lifestyle. Child Protective Services intervened, and her children entered into foster care. Their situation threatening to repeat the childhood Amy experienced.

Hope came. Amy entered an inpatient drug treatment center. She was able to get clean, face the things that led to her past choices, and regain custody of her children. After she graduated, she came “home” to Community of Hope. Amy helped her children gain the structure, stability and relationships she never had as a child. Life was challenging, but good.

Then came the news of her grandmother’s death. She was tempted to return to drugs and prostitution, familiar ways to take care of herself and deaden the pain. Yet she did not give in because Amy was able to talk about her struggles in the loving, supportive environment found at Community of Hope. She stayed on track. Unlike the negative relationships experienced in childhood and her former life s of abuse, drug use and prostitution, Community of Hope provided her the positive relationships that support anyone during a crisis. She was valued and appreciated rather than being used and thrown away. As Amy processed this personal loss, she was able to stabilize, hope again and continue healing. 

Soon after making it through that crisis, Amy received good news. She came to the top of a waiting list at a clean and sober apartment complex. We continue to keep in contact and pray for her in this next major step in her journey. 

Without the ongoing support of generous volunteers/donors/donors and volunteers like you, we cannot continue to create an environment that families like Amy’s need. Through your support, families continue to heal and thrive.


Enjoy a short video of Amy and her Children

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