Fundraiser Breakfast

Fundraiser Breakfast

We had a great time at the breakfast last week! We enjoyed the excellent food, good company, and Roosevelt principal Charlene William’s inspirational talk!



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Thank You

Thanks so all the community members that helped to make this event successful!

The Charles Jordan Community Center did a great job of serving us! We couldn’t have asked for better support!

Megan Boaglio created the video.

The following businesses and organizations helped us create a beautiful space and great foods to enjoy!

new seasons

262214_179962275393832_5351389_nJamie Hicks, Interior Design, Commercial and Residential did our beautiful decorations.

Kassenboom Nursery helped make our space beautiful with many plants and bushes.

New Seasons provided cut flowers.

rcc_2013_0418St Johns Ace Logo3Ace Hardware donated the pots for them.

Members of Rivergate Community Church catered the meal.

people of praise cropped-pns1



People of Praise Christian Community and Preserve and Serve lent us linens and dishes.