Partners in our local community work with us in so many ways! We could not be Community of Hope without the support from this long list of agencies, organizations, churches, and businesses.

Community Organizations

Rather than duplicate what others are already doing, we refer families to services that are available and work with private and government agencies that are teaching classes with information our families need.

Referral Agencies
Supporting Faith Communities
Supporting Businesses

What Others Say About Community of Hope
“We believe that Community of Hope serves an important role in helping some of our most vulnerable neighbors in a time of need, and that they are as asset to our community. Community of Hope has been successful in helping the people they serve achieve positive outcomes, including greater independence through employment and stable housing.  -Josh Leslie, Former Land Use Committee Chair, St. Johns Neighborhood Association

“I want to say thanks to Linda Jo for being so kind and helpful to me. This is a good place.” -Tamir, Age 6, Former Hope House Resident

“I have been very impressed with Community of Hope since the beginning of our relationship. They are passionate about ending cycles of trauma and homelessness in the families they serve. They are incredibly thoughtful in how the support the families they serve and in how their work with these families impacts the community. Linda Jo, the director of the program has brought great passion to her work. She believes in finding success for all the families she serves and has already made a great impact on the lives of many. Community of Hope is an important member of our community and we are thankful they are here doing the work they are. We are thrilled to have them here in St. Johns, just across the street from our playspace.” -Dre Davey, Founder, SwapnPlay

“To say the least, St. Johns Main Street has been a strong supporter of Community of Hope since they opened their doors in 2014. They have been an incredible asset to the St. Johns neighborhood, and are highly regarded by residents and business owners alike. COH is truly impacting the lives of numerous families, one of the few organizations in North Portland (and the only in St. Johns) doing this important work.”  -Lindsay Jensen, Executive Director, St. Johns Center for Opportunity

“I have been involved in the development of this work since its inception and while still a relatively new program it has already helped a number of women learn new life skills, acquire jobs, and move into more stable housing.  The program is not just a shelter, but a program designed to lift those who so desire out of the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  The long-term benefits of the Community of Hope for the women who complete the program, our city, and society at large are and will be extremely positive.” -Kelly Cohoe, Pastor, Grace Christian Fellowship

“I couldn’t make them move to another school. I try to show them that our stability lies in each other and in school. School was always a place where I was able to get what I needed. I want that for them. [Linda Jo and I] could not be more different. She’s from Iowa and has been married 33 years. I’m from the projects of North Portland. But we just really connected.” -Trena Harper, Former Hope House Resident