July 14 Promo-2822-72 DPIBrittany has not had a real home for years. Her parents went to jail when she was young. Her grandparents offered her a home, but she frequently ran away and spent most of her teen years in correctional facilities, forming close friendships with the other girls who lived there. Brittany found herself caught up in a lifestyle that was fun and exciting. But when she became pregnant, she decided to leave it behind and create a new life for herself and her baby. This was not an easy decision.  Finding a place that she could start a new life and build the skills she missed out on learning as a teen proved to be challenging. She struggled to find a place where she was accepted. Finally, she heard about the Community of Hope and decided to give us a try.

Brittany has grown in her ability to parent while she has been here. She is learning how to identify the needs of Kaymayrie and to give her the loving attention she herself missed out on as a child. She delights in watching her daughter relate to others and observing her developmental milestones. She is reconnecting with her family and beginning to face and heal from the issues from her past lifestyle.  Brittany is determined to be successful as a mother, reaching her goals of finding a job and moving into an apartment when she graduates from our program. The desire to create a good life for her daughter is motivating Brittany to grow and change in ways that are new and challenging, but are bringing her great joy.

Brittany shows great courage that is a good example for others and is grateful for the support and friendship she is receiving here. Her caseworkers see the gift our program offers her with its structure and accountability and deep relationships that are giving her what she needs to stay and succeed.

She added a lot of life to our household. She loves to tease the other moms and encourages them to join her in fun activities. Her enthusiasm, humor and delight in the small things in life brings joy and helps us all to delight in our life together. Brittany has found a home and a family who loves her while encouraging her to be the best she can be.

Now Brittany has found subsidized housing and has moved, but she still comes back for classes and wants to stay in touch with us. We are part of her family. She is a different person because of the time she spent with us.