Becoming the Village: Dream Becomes Reality

Becoming the Village: Dream Becomes Reality
Joy and her children
Joy and her children are grateful for Community of Hope

Community of Hope was just a dream when I was hired in 2012. With the support of several churches in North Portland, the community of people, churches, businesses, and agencies championing our efforts grew. Once we opened in 2014, the village of people that it would take to make Community of Hope a successful program expanded exponentially.

Help this village continue to grow. Be a part of our growing community making a difference in the lives of so many families by donating to Community of Hope today.

Our village is growing in a couple of notable ways. One of our big goals is to have 500 new donors by the end of 2017, but another way our network is strengthened is when agencies work with us and the broader network of grass roots community organizations to help each other achieve our missions.

Of upmost importance to the work of Community of Hope are the partnerships we have formed with other social service agencies. These specialized organizations find employment and housing options, provide financial help and other resources, and offer counseling and support groups to Community of Hope families. Our agency partners are just as glad to have us in their corner!

Marti Heard, Portland Public Schools Homeless Program Liaison, supports homeless families by providing bus passes and many other resources. But she can’t provide a home. She says, “Community of Hope …provides much needed stability and support to single parents and their children while they traverse the incredibly difficult situation of homelessness. (The) students remain in their original school and community. This is critical as it facilitates improved attendance, participation in after school activities, and better academic and social outcomes.”

Tru Tate, Lifeworks Family Advocate, teaches classes, provides support to at-risk families, and helps them build necessary life skills. But it is not enough.  She says, “It brings me so much hope to have a place like Community of Hope to which I can refer families.”

Secondly, the services we provide on-site require lots of help from many people. That’s where you come in. For almost three years, donors and volunteers have kept our doors open, taking a dream of a few pastors in North Portland and making it a reality.

  • Almost 500 volunteers have worked over 2000+ hours.
  • Generous donors and foundations raised over $200,000 in three years.
  • Countless people have provided expertise, ideas, encouragement, mentoring, prayers, and connections that have made our program successful.

When I look at those numbers, I am amazed and humbled to see so the impact of so many people working together. The dream of a few pastors has become the labor of love of a huge community.

But our village must continue to expand. We helped Joy and her children find healing, stability, and so much more. Now, with our larger capacity and commitment to provide services, we need stable funding. Can you help? When you join with Community of Hope, you become part of a diverse village that is working together and changing lives.

The motto on my door to my office reads “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child” and we are proud and grateful to have Community of Hope as part of our village.” Andrea Sobel Nahurski, School Counselor, James John Elementary School 

Join today. Become a Community of Hope donor.  Be a part of our village.