A Community in Service

A Community in Service

From September 2017 to September 2018, donors gave over $200,000 to Community of Hope. In addition, 98 volunteers gave 2600 hours of their talent and time to the work we are doing. Without these gifts, we would not be able to provide shelter or stability for anyone!  And while we immensely appreciate all the help, we know that often when we think of homeless families, we look at what we can do for them.

Sometimes we miss noticing the ways they contribute to the community. Families at Hope House build each other up, sharing resources, serving each other, and building friendships.

This looks like Moms sitting around the kitchen table talking and laughing together. Asking for advice. Sharing about a resource. “Will you watch my kids while I …?” “Sure, I’ll do your hair.” “Which outfit shall I wear to my interview?” “I made some extra. Do you want some?” Every day the ebb and flow of families sharing life,  children playing together, and mutual support flow though our lives.

The families at Community of Hope also work to keep our environment clean by recycling. They have participated in the community  trash clean-ups in downtown St. Johns.. They have given away food and money to others who need it more than they do. This spirit of service doesn’t rely on a certain socioeconomic standing to kick-in. We are ALL capable of lending a ear, an afternoon, or a dollar when it is needed.

Rich is a great example of this kind of  service. He often used his unique gifts of being a handyman at Hope House. He fixed the leaking sink, rehung a picture, put up curtain rods, rehung a door, and many other small projects around the house. He continues to help even after moving out into a place of his own.

When you give to Community of Hope, you are working with the families we “serve” to build a better world. We invite you to be a part of our community in service in the coming year. There are opportunities to volunteer at Hope House and interact with residents directly, and there are opportunities to work as part of the team of dreamers who will lead us toward the expansion of Community of Hope.

Alongside all the other resolutions you may be considering taking on in the New Year, make Community of Hope one of your #GiveGoals in 2019.