Our partners are grateful for Community of Hope

Our partners are grateful for Community of Hope

Many of our partners are grateful for Community of Hope. They see the wonderful impact we have on the families we serve and the community we live in. Here are some recent comments:

“As the school counselor in an elementary school in St Johns, I have the pleasure of working with the youth in our community on a daily basis. I see their eagerness to learn, their enthusiasm in sharing their day with classmates and teachers, and their desire to strive to accomplish their goals. Its heartwarming and inspiring, and a testament to ensuring we strive to provide all of the support they need to achieve these goals in school. Unfortunately, I also see many children who do not have their basic needs met, and the impact this has on their ability to accomplish their tasks in school is greatly compromised. They may not know where their next meal is coming from, who will be picking them up from school each day, or where they will sleep that night. Its stressful and difficult for them to manage these realities, and often their behavior escalates and becomes a barrier to accessing opportunities available to them, and their academic progress also suffers as time goes on. We do all we can as a school to ensure they know they have staff and support available to them, but we rely on community partnerships to assist us beyond the school day to offer resources to them need to minimize these challenges they may face in their lives. That is where the Community of Hope has stepped in time and time again as a beacon of light to our families who need that extra assistance to provide them the tools they need to find that stability they are missing. They have opened their doors, and in doing so their hearts, to several of our families just this year alone, and multiple more in years past. I have seen students embrace the safety net and security of this organization as the foundation to filling a hole in their lives that was vacant before. And I have personally seen the light return to students who didn’t feel that existed before, and the hope return to their family members that greater possibilities and opportunities lie ahead of them. This is a priceless gift, and one that we are truly appreciative for in this important and valuable partnership. The motto on my door to my office reads “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child” and we are proud and grateful to have Community of Hope as part of our village.”

~Andrea Nahurski
School Counselor
James John Elementary School

“As a family advocate I work with many homeless families, visiting them in restaurants or on the streets as they carry their children and all their belongings packed in a stroller or live out of their cars.  It brings me so much hope to have a place like Community of Hope to which I can refer families.  Knowing that there is a place where families will be valued and respected and given tools to make significant life changes is huge and makes all the difference when you work in what sometimes seems to be a sea of suffering.  The need for shelters that are well organized like Community of Hope is great.  I jump at the chance to refer my clients there.”

Tru Tate, Family Support and Connections Family Advocate, LifeWorks NW

Letter of Support from Portland Public Schools