Community of Hope is more than a safe place to sleep. Building on the inherent strengths of families, our staff provides holistic, trauma-informed care to empower parents to hold a job, manage finances, steer clear of addictions, develop positive relationships, grow in parenting skills, and make healthy life choices, all in the context of beautiful, messy community life.


Hope House, located in North Portland, has capacity for up to eight families at a time. Each family is provided their own bedroom while the kitchen, living rooms, and bathrooms are more communal. Residents are encouraged to take the time necessary to begin making critical changes for themselves and their families, but generally stay for 3-5 months.

Care Mentoring

All residents will be expected to take responsibility for caring for themselves. We will support them in learning the skills they need to grow in assuming responsibility for their lives. In order to help them achieve this responsibility, we will hold them accountable to keep their commitments, do their work, and make progress toward their goals.

Training & Resources

Residents are able to participate in a variety of classes while living at Hope House- including trauma-informed parenting classes, RentWell certification, and job skills training.



Former Community of Hope Resident

“Home is somewhere I lay my head and I feel comfortable. A place where my daughter can just grow up and know she’s safe no matter what. Infinity’s future has changed tremendously- now she’s not going to be a statistic."

Andrea Nahurski

James John Elementary School Counselor

"I have seen students embrace the safety net and security of Community of Hope as the foundation to filling a hole in their lives that was vacant before. And I have personally seen the light return to students who didn't feel that existed before."

Dan Kabele

Community Member

“I hope that, in the end, guests get themselves settled, but also they always remember someone treated them with love with no strings attached.”

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