Many are saying great things about us!

“We believe that Community of Hope serves an important role in helping some of our most vulnerable neighbors in a time of need, and that they are as asset to our community. Community of Hope has been successful in helping the people they serve achieve positive outcomes, including greater independence through employment and stable housing.”

~Josh Lesie, Land Use Committee Chair of St. Johns Neighborhood Association

“To say the least, St. Johns Main Street has been a strong supporter of Community of Hope since they opened their doors in 2014. They have been an incredible asset to the St. Johns neighborhood, and are highly regarded by residents and business owners alike. COH is truly impacting the lives of numerous families, one of the few organizations in North Portland (and the only in St. Johns) doing this important work.”

~Lindsay Jensen, St. Johns Main Street Executive Director

“Homeless women and children are often the refugees of broken relationships forced from their homes and families. They are the most vulnerable of the homeless population and deserve justice. As a church we desire to team up with other like minded organizations to advance the cause of justice in our city. The Community of Hope is such an organization. They have proven their ability to move families from homelessness and into healthy and stable environments which we have seen firsthand.”

Josh Duncan, elder at Red Sea Church

“I have been involved in the development of this work since its inception and while still a relatively new program it has already helped a number of women learn new life skills, acquire jobs, and move into more stable housing.  The program is not just a shelter, but a program designed to lift those who so desire out of the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  The long-term benefits of the Community of Hope for the women who complete the program, our city, and society at large are and will be extremely positive.”

~Kelly Coho, pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship

“My family and I have had the personal privilege of serving at the Community of Hope on multiple occasions, and with first hand experience, I can attest to COH’s compassion, thoughtfulness, and diligence. Their work is good and vital, both for the individuals living and building relationships at COH as well as for the broader communities of St. Johns & North Portland more broadly.”

~Aaron Morris, pastor of Hope Presbyterian

“The women’s shelter that is supported by this organization is a valuable asset to our community.  I commend their compassion and service to families in need and the consideration given to people who share the neighborhood. ”


“Two things really excite me about the Community of Hope. First, it truly is a community effort: the idea came from five different churches in the Church of North Portland who each had a different piece of the puzzle; the neighborhood associations and business districts have been behind it; and random people across the community have found ways to participate. Second, the women and children who come here are loved deeply and individually. They each have their own stories, and Linda Jo, the staff, and volunteers all receive them as they are and walk with them as they rebuild and relaunch their lives. The residents and the community both see restored hope and transformation!”

David Brewer, Executive Director of AllOne Community Services

“I have been very impressed with Community of Hope since the beginning of our relationship. They are passionate about ending cycles of trauma and homelessness in the families they serve. They are incredibly thoughtful in how the support the families they serve and in how their work with these families impacts the community. Linda Jo, the director of the program has brought great passion to her work. She believes in finding success for all the families she serves and has already made a great impact on the lives of many. Community of Hope is an important member of our community and we are thankful they are here doing the work they are. We are thrilled to have them here in St. Johns, just across the street from our playspace.”
~Dre Davy, Interim Director and Founder of SwapnPlay

“I want to say thanks to Linda Jo for being so kind and helpful to me. This is a good place.”

~Tamir, 6 year old resident

“I can’t make them move to another school. I try to show them that our stability lies in each other and in school. School was always a place where I was able to get what I needed. I want that for them.”
“We could not be more different. She’s from Iowa and has been married 33 years. I’m from the projects of North Portland. But we just really connected.”

~Trena Harper, Resident, talking about finding a place for her family in North Portland near the school and about her relationship with Linda Jo Devlaeminck, Program Director

“The Community of Hope is for people who really want to change their lives. A big thing part of that is healing from the trauma of homelessness. We can only begin that. But we want to help families overcome obstacles to providing a stable home. It is very hard to provide for your kids when you are stressed. We want to offer more than just a place to stay. We’re looking for families that really want to make a change and are looking for support to make that happen.”

~Linda Jo Devlaeminck Program Director of the Community of Hope

“The collaborative Church of North Portland has been praying, planning, and working on this effort for some time, and it’s very exciting to see it come to fruition. We want to see these families restored to wholeness and using their gifts and skills for the benefit of themselves and the community. The big celebration is not, ‘Yay, we did this. We’re so awesome. But we’re excited that there is another resource to help families in the community who want to rebuild their lives and move forward into healthy lifestyles.”

~David Brewer, executive director of AllOne Community Services

“This is important to me. It has some real meat on the bones, serving people who are underprivileged right in our area. That the local church is doing this together adds to my excitement and my confidence that people will be taken care of. I hope that, in the end, guests get themselves settled, but also they always remember someone treated them with love with no strings attached.”

~Dan Kabele, a member of Holy Cross Parish

“Jesus ministry on earth focused on two primary acts: teaching the gospel and saving lives.  If we, the church, are Jesus’ hands and feet, then we are to continue these ministries above and beyond all else.  We have each been faithful to teach the gospel, but often we look at the lives on the edge around us and say, “What can I do? Their problems are beyond me.”

“But with a little effort and financial support, we can save some lives that most desperately need them: homeless women with children. Community of Hope in North Portland will help these most vulnerable people in our community.  Not everyone can get deeply involved, but what is needed to have a number of churches involved in a small way, to make a huge difference to those in great need.

“At Anawim and many of the church’s work among the homeless, we feed and clothe people to keep them alive.  Community of Hope is working to help women and their babies thrive.  To do the first work and not the second is not to finish the work we began.

“We love life.  We want to see the lives of young people and babies thrive.  “Blessed is he who considers the helpless, for the Lord will help him in his time of need.” Psalm 41:1″

~Steve Kimes, Pastor of Anawim

“I am selfish; I want well educated kids to work for me in the future and to be community leaders paying back what they were given. That’s why we support the kids.”

~Dave Schleiger, manager of CopyPilot