• Get to know the families here!

    Get to know the families here! 

    Join us in getting to know and serving the residents of our community!
    There is something for everyone! You can also just sign up and tell us what gift you have to share, like gardening, exercising, crafts, or drama. All volunteers must pass a background check.

    Ways to Get Involved:
    We rely on volunteers to provide occasional evening meals and childcare, to help students with homework, to volunteer to spend the night, to become Family Partners, to help with repairs and maintenance at Hope House, to give rides to residents, to join our fundraising and event teams, to do data entry and take photos, and to pray. Let us know how you can use your passions to serve at Community of Hope by filling out the contact form below. Click here for more information about the tasks and roles described above.

    Current Meal Needs: We are full! Today, we have 8 adults, 11 children, 2 toddlers, and 1 infants. Our staff/volunteers would like to eat too! We love to have healthy foods with whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegies. One of our residents had a severe onion allergy.

    Come to one of our mandatory training sessions. Our last training session was Nov. 15 at Hope House, 8911 N Leonard, Portland OR 97203 at 7:00.  We need folks who can bring meals, to stay for dinner from 5;30 or 6-8:00, or help with child care during classes. Sometimes we need drivers to give rides or move heavy things. We can always use help to spread the word about what we do and raising funds.

  • If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below. In the SUBJECT write the name of the area you want to serve. For example (Meal Provider). And then leave us a quick message of why you are excited to serve in this area!

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