• The families pray before sharing a meal.

    The families pray before sharing a meal.

    The Community of Hope includes both residents and our support community. We all have gifts to offer and all have unmet needs. We pray for the needs of the support community on a regular basis. We need your prayers and would appreciate the help and support. For a list of specific intentions we update monthly, click on Pray for Us.

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  • As we are getting ready to close for renovations, I can see God working in amazing ways. Thanks for your prayers that have such an impact. I love to tell the women that people are praying for them every day, especially when they are particularly discouraged or have something great happen to them. I even tell other supporters so they can be blessed by all you do. Thank you so much!

    The two families who have been here for a while experienced a lot of stress as they were looking for places to live. I was praying with and for them, and God miraculously found them both places. And these are not just something to tide them over until they can get their ideal home. These are great places that they will want to stay in and can afford for the long term. God is good. Please pray for both of them.

    More movement is happening in support of building affordable housing, which is encouraging. Please continue to pray for this. It will help families have a place when they move out.

    All our appeals have been successful. We are close to getting the permits completed. Please pray that we don’t have to do anything else! We are still waiting to hear back on the drain for the garbage that we are being asked to have.

    I’m still working on shower grants. I submitted one and am working on another. Please pray we get enough money.

    Thanks for your prayers for the fundraiser. We did make a significant amount of money, but not enough. However, we have more contacts and a larger network that will lead to more down the road. God is working. We even have a chance at some long term and sustaining funding. Pray it comes through!

    Please pray for all the workers and volunteers who will be completing our renovations. Pray for their safety, that the work can go quickly, and that we can complete all we need to do. Please continue to pray for more donations of materials and labor. I still get nervous at all we have to pay for!

    Once we close, my husband and I will go on a vacation where I will not be checking in at work. First time in over two years! Then we’ll visit our new grandchild who should be born by then. Please pray for us on both trips!

    God bless you all! Enjoy your summer!

    Linda Jo and the team