Carols and Lourdes are involved in painting the ceiling

Carols and Lourdes painted the ceiling

Get involved in making our community a better place! Our vision is larger than serving the families who will live in our residential community. The community of people who will support the residents is vitally important and provides a wonderful opportunity for growth. We all need to be needed. We all need to be connected with others. We all need to overcome the economic, social, and cultural barriers that divide us. When we come together in service, we can meet our basic needs to serve and to be connected to others. This may include opening our lives to those we view as different from us. We may find that we have more in common than we might expect. In being involved to transform the lives of the residents, the support community will also be able to have the opportunity to have their lives transformed. Together, we will slowly work to transform our neighborhood in North Portland into a more attractive, welcoming, healthy, and stable community.

Please join us today! There are many ways you can get involved. We need volunteers, donations and prayer. So please click on one of the links below and join in the community.

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