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Becoming the Village: Dream Becomes Reality

Community of Hope was just a dream when I was hired in 2012. With the support of several churches in North Portland, the community of people, churches, businesses, and agencies championing our efforts grew. Once we opened in 2014, the village of people that it would take to make Community of Hope a successful program expanded exponentially.

IMG_1483 Help this village continue to grow. Be a part of our growing community making a difference in the lives of so many families by donating to Community of Hope today.

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Rotary of Clark County Makes Beds

IMG_1483The Rotary Club of Greater Vancouver joined the Albina Rotary and the Portland’s Rotary Charitable Trust to complete out project of making bunk beds for the families at Community of Hope. This crew provided the labor! They gathered on Friday to cut and prepare the wood, then a huge crowd, joined by a few Community of Hope volunteers (including Linda Jo and her husband, Jerome and famous volunteer Carol) and screwed, sanded, and stained the beds. They’ll some back to finish the job by assembling them in a couple of weeks. The families will be so glad to get up off the mattresses on the floor! See pictures and learn more…

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