Sarah’s Graduation

4 This weekend we celebrated Sarah’s graduation from the Community of Hope. She is the first to complete our program! We are proud of her hard work, grateful for her leadership, and happy for her as she…

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IMG_1483Brittany has not had a real home for years. Her parents went to jail when she was young. Her grandparents offered her a home, but she frequently ran away and spent most of her teen years in correctional facilities, forming close friendships with the other girls who lived there. Brittany found herself caught up in a lifestyle that was fun and exciting. But when she became pregnant, she decided to leave it behind and create a new life for herself and her baby.

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IMG_1483When Karla enters the room, everyone notices her. Her enthusiasm for life and her great efforts to build a new life give her drive and direction.
Karla grew up in North Portland, but left for many years as she shared life with her boyfriend. They moved to the Midwest. But upon arriving, her boyfriend decided he did not want to live with her anymore. He dropped Karla and seven-year old Elsie off on the street. Karla managed to get to a homeless shelter and eventually made her way back home to Portland.

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IMG_1483Sarah and her son Bryson bring many gifts to our community. Sarah has become a real leader, supporting the other women and offering a great example of gratitude and commitment to her son.

She grew up in foster care for almost eight years after her father went to prison and her mother’s husband began to abuse her. She says most of her foster homes were awful until the last one she was in with her daughter at age 16. They gave her structure and stability and wanted to help her have what was best for her and her baby. They trusted her to make the best decision for herself and her daughter. Sarah said, “I cared for her for six months and I realized it was …

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Unexpected Hope

slide-0031I knew we had a reason to celebrate when we had our Grand Opening for the Community of Hope. I didn’t know the positive impact it would have for one family in our program. Mom and kids were very excited to greet our guests, helping to prepare the space and dressing their best. They eagerly welcomed guests and were happy to share their gratitude for the opportunity to have a safe place to stay. The volunteers, donors, board members, partner agencies, press, and government officials were charmed by them.

Then the unexpected happened.

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