Our partners are grateful for Community of Hope

Many of our partners are grateful for Community of Hope. They see the wonderful impact we have on the families we serve and the community we live in. Here are some recent comments: “As the school counselor in an elementary...

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Renovations Progress

IMG_1483 From the time that Red Sea offered to lease Hope House to us, we have been planning to remodel the space to increase our capacity and to make it more livable for the residents. It has been a long slow process! Here are some of the highlights. Click on links to see previous blogs with more pictures and stories. Check out our Facebook pictures too!

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Sacrificial Giving: Why do it?

IMG_1483How much is enough? This is a question we all must face. My husband and I look at it in two ways. How much is enough for our family’s needs? And how much is enough for us to give?

We have valid concerns about our own needs and wants. We want to take responsibility to plan for our retirement. And, we deserve a reward for our labors, don’t we?

On the other hand, we look at how rich we are!

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Rebekah’s Story

IMG_1483Rebekah and three-year-old Miggy arrived eager to be part of this neighborhood. Because she has a history of ADHD that she works hard to manage, she took some time to get settled and adjusted to life here. She began to get to know the other residents and the neighbors, looked for ways she could serve others, and shared her love of art. When she was ready, she began looking for a job and for childcare for Miggy. She found the Rent Well classes very helpful as she prepared to get her own place. The Genesis Process classes helped her face some personal issues. She worked hard to overcome …

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Kim’s Story

IMG_1483Kim and her children heard about us through the Portland Women Crisis Line. She had to leave her husband and was staying at a Recovery Association Project (RAP) house for a while, but it was not a healthy situation. She has not had a stable home since she was a teen, and was ready for a new start in her life. She asked for a place in …

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