Soundboard Operators make sure the music for our media sounds great.

Soundboard Operators make sure the music sounds great.

Below you will find videos and other Media about Community of Hope!


Click on the following media links to articles and blogs about the Community of Hope:

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods wrote an insightful article about homelessness, including at interview with Community of Hope’s Linda Jo Devlaeminck. Hey Neighbor Fall, 2018

Lowes gives Community of Hope a grant for Phase 2 of their renovations. Catholic Sentinel, and St. Johns Review page 3

Portland city officials ask landlords to house homeless this winter Fox News 11-12-17

St. Johns Review 6-16-2017 page 5

BizNow article on our new deck 6-2-2017

St. Johns Review 10-21-16 Page 5

Catholic Sentinel 10-7-2016 Open House

Portland Tribune 10-4-16 Open House

Portland Business Journal 9-27-16

Catholic Sentinel June-6-2016

St Johns Review 4-22-16 page 2

KOIN Saltzman: Waive fee for church-based shelter

KOIN story on homeless issues

St. Johns Review 4-8-16 page 3

Catholic Sentinel 4-7-2016

Portland Business Journal Help from the Home Builders Foundation

Portland Tribune Opinion Page

KOIN 3-22-16

Portland Tribune 3-21-16

Portland Tribune 3-8-16

St. Johns Review 7-15

Sentinel 2-15

St. Johns Review 2-3-15

City Serve Portland 1-14

St Johns Review 2-14

Catholic Sentinel 2-14

Oregonian 2-14

St Johns Review 3-14 (see page 3)

Oregonian 2015-02-22 Pages 10 & 11 2-15


Click on the following links to view videos about the Community of Hope:

April’s new Home and how we help home happen.

Stephanie’s Story and how we help traumatized children

Home Builders Foundation featuring Community of Hope Renovations and Stephanie

Joy’s Story

Home Builders Foundation video featuring Community of Hope


COH New Beginnings

KBVM interview by Dina Marie Hale with Linda Jo Devlaeminck and David Brewer

Grand Opening Video

Who We Are Video – Long Version

Who We Are Video – Short Version

Videos in support of Community of Hope

Sharon Robbins

Pastor Josh Hawk

Pastor Kelly Cohoe

Sydney of St. Johns Main Street

Pastor David Libby